Band of BEAM Telepresence Robots crash Grand opening party at Hello Startups in Menlo Park

Menlo Park, California 7PM Friday, August 15 2014

A band of rogue BEAM Telepresence Robots showed up at Bootup Venture / Hello Startups’ Grand Opening party in Menlo Park this afternoon, right after speeches by the Mayor, former Mayor, and City Councilmen of Menlo Park spoke, and “ran the Grand Opening tape”, breaking it before it could be cut the old-fashioned way, with a 6′ long pair of Golden Scissors.

Live blog-stream from Tony Perkins’ Always On Silicon Valley Innovation Summit (#SVIS14)

My Twitter stream, live-blogging Tony Perkins’ 2014 “Silicon Valley Innovation Summit” at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA (these are in reverse order, over two days):

Photo: Attendees at #SVIS14. Event video was webcast to 60 countries. THANKS to Tony and his #AlwaysOn team!

Photo: @billgurley took fire at #SVIS14 by being concerned about a potential “bubble” in valuations (he’s in UBER :)

Venture Capital Panel opens Tony Perkins AO 2014 “Innovation Summit”

Tony Perkins introduces a star-studded panel of venture capitalists at the 2014 AO "Innovation Summit"

Tony Perkins introduces a star-studded panel of venture capitalists at the 2014 AO "Innovation Summit"

The first day of Tony Perkins’ Always On 2014 “Innovation Summit” got underway with a panel of venture capital investors discussing the health and vitality of the venture investing industry.

The topic of “are we in a tech startup / venture capital boom, or a (deadly) bubble” was analyzed, with the conclusion being that we are in a boom, versus the evil bubble.

Meet BEAM, the party-attending telepresence robot (AlwaysOn Innovation Summit conference pre-party)

Last night at the Always On “Innovation Conference” conference pre-party in Menlo Park:

Meet BEAM, the party-crashing Telepresence robot.

The BEAM device uses a wide-angle lense, making it easy for the remote operator to navigate the device around even a crowded party environment like this one.  Their founder and operator Scott, shared with me he was “Google’s first software Architect”.

Steve’s comments on FIRST EXIT SYNDROME

[ Note to reader:  this is what I think, is a seminal post from Brad Feld's "must read" blog for tech entrepreneurs, ]

As exits have been flowing nicely again the past few years, many of the entrepreneurs I work with have experienced their first big exit. I refer to this moment as when you find that you have life changing money in your bank account, which I like to call “fuck you money.” You now can do whatever you want with the rest of your life. I was on a walk with an entrepreneur recently who was wrestling with this when we ran into another entrepreneur I had backed who had an exit a while ago and had wrestled with the question of “what’s next.” We chatted briefly and then he hopped on his bike and continued his ride. Later in the day, I got the following magnificent note in my inbox from my bike-riding successful friend.
I was thinking about the ‘what’s next’ conversation. I’m sure you’ve seen everything and are all over it, but in my more limited experience, for some people it’s harder than the what’s first conversation (i.e. should I start a company or not?).

Read the full article »

LIGHTFAIR conference, Las Vegas Nevada

I feel like I’m at the classic Networld-Interop (InterOp) conference in San Jose, California circa 1989. Because I’m at the LIGHTFAIR conference in Las Vegas, Nevada June 4, 2014.  The humble Light-Emitting Diode, the PN junction, the most efficient emitter of InfraRed light… has morphed into a HUGE, explosively growing industry involving not only “Green” energy efficiency; not only sophisticated remote network management systems based upon state-of-the-art Network Management Platforms and Element Management Platforms; but BIG DATA and NETWORK ANALYTICS to boot.

StartupTrek TV under re-construction

Our apologies for the current state of the StartupTrekTV blog. The banner logo header is down, and there are problems with hosted images/videos on some posts.

We are currently rebuilding the site in a new, improved format and will Tweet when it is fully operational.

A poem I’ve come across, and am fond of… “Truth”


Tell your tales
So tall and high
But truth is bigger
Than any lie

For who could dream
Or by any act
Find deeds so great
As actual fact

Decoding the DNA of uber-successful startup companies

StartupTrek TV is launching a new class of blog articles (interviews) entitled: “The Great Ones: Decoding the DNA of uber-successful startup companies”.

We are pleased to announce that the first interview in this series will be conducted tomorrow with Mr. Ryan Engley, Director of Customer Success at UnBounce, Inc. (Vancouver, BC Canada).

We’ll update this blog post to provide additional details, and look forward to sharing the the first article in this series!

email announcement to Blastoff! Inc. customers, March 19 2014

March 19, 2014 San Francisco, California Dear prospective, former, and current customers:

You are receiving this email because you previously expressed interest in our products and services by completing a form online. You might be wondering why you haven’t heard from us lately.  

Unfortunately from Dec 4 2013 until March 1 2014 our Founder and CEO as well as our Company was hit repeatedly by a string of serious online, interstate, and intrastate federal wire transfer crimes, as well as felony thefts. The crimes involved both identity theft and physical theft of ALL of our desktop and server computers, 4 bank and 18 credit card accounts, a 2013 Toyota Prius, as well as numerous smartphone, desktop, and tablet computers (iPhones, iPad Airs, MacBook Pros).  

The perpetrators have been arrested, charged initially with a pair of Auto thefts as evidence is built for more charges, and have made their first two appearances in State Superior Court in Las Vegas, Nevada. Additional Felony charges are expected as the State of Nevada’s District Attorney investigators continue getting detailed information and evidence from us, and they look into into this complex case.

The case has been in the news media in Las Vegas, NV but Steve has refused interviews with national news organizations to date. However, at the appropriate time he will be issuing a detailed statement.

This email is ALSO to announce the much more positive news, that Blastoff Labs Marketing & Sales,which was forced into liquidation by these crimes, has rebounded, re-organizing on March 15 2014 as BLASTOFF! INC, a new Delaware Corporation with offices in downtown San Francisco, California; and Las Vegas Nevada. We are in the process of fully resuming the services previously offered by Blastoff Labs Sales and Marketing.  Last week, for example, we exited “stealth-mode” by announcing our re-launch at the SMX Search Marketing (SMX) Expo in San Jose, California, and the South-by-Southwest Music Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.  Next month we will launch our new website and participate in more industry conferences.

fyi we have changed our contact information as a result of this incident; our updated contact information is included below. Our main number in San Francisco is temporarily down, as we rebuild our company telephone system to serve our prospective and future customers more efficiently. 

For a complimentary consultation, contact us at or via the updated phone numbers below.

Steve Bell
Online Marketing & Sales Specialist | founder & CEO
(650) 922-9074 Bay Area office, or (702) 994-7525 Nevada office

Ian Sweany Online Marketing & Sales Specialist | director of operations
(650) 922-9074 Bay Area office, or (702) 994-7525 Nevada office

BLASTOFF! Inc.555 California Street | Suite 4925 | San Francisco, CA 94104

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